Rich Plum Cake

Rs 120.00 - Rs 495.00

Only the best dried fruits go into the making of our Rich Plum Cake. A true classic, this dense loaf is a regular in most Christmas feasts. Moist, dense and baked to perfection, the cake is sure to disappear in minutes.

Premium Plum Cake

Rs 900.00

Dense, rich and loaded with the goodness of over 10 kinds of dried fruits and nuts. The ingredients are steeped for over 90 days to make sure the flavours never disappoint.

Rich Plum Cake Eggless

Rs 125.00

A sliver is all you need to get a taste of good old Christmas cheer. Our eggless variant packs the same punch as our Rich Plum Cake, while keeping your preference in mind.

Fruit and Nut Cake

Rs 180.00

Filled with dried fruits and an assortment of nuts in every inch of the cake, your Christmas feast would be incomplete without this dense yet crumbly surprise.

Cherry Cake

Rs 90.00

Enjoy the softness of a sponge cake and the sweetness of glazed cherries in this European-styled cake. It's the cherry on top of your Christmas celebrations!

Walnut Cake

Rs 130.00

We've added the crunch of roasted walnuts to the delicate flavour of a traditional sponge cake. Welcome home a smokey, nutty aroma this Christmas.