Once upon a time, an old Englishman had earned a name for himself for the luscious butter he made in Vanarpet area of Coonoor,
nestled amidst the hills of Nilgiris.

Muthusamy Mudaliar, a young and enterprising man from Coimbatore had heard a lot about him. As a mail runner for the British in colonial India, he would carry letters and cheques from Coimbatore to the hill stations of Ooty and Coonoor. But he would be flooded with requests to carry Dairy products back. One day he decided to buy out the business of the Englishman. Thus in 1905 was born ‘The Nilgiris Dairy Farm Limited.’

In 1936, he moved his shop to its iconic location at Brigade Road, Bangalore. The fresh Dairy products, breads and cakes became the talk of the town. Soon, Mudarliar opened many more in Erode, Coimbatore and Chennai. And the rest as they say is history.

Today there are over 150 stores in cities and towns to the east of the Nilgiris Hills. Perfected for over 100 years, the exclusive range of over 400 Dairy, bakery and food products is crafted with much love and care to delight every home – just as it was 100 years ago.

Every Nilgiris Dairy and bakery product is nourishing and wholesome as it was over a hundred years back. There are today, over 150 Nilgiris stores in cities and towns across South India, run and operated by enterprising local franchise owners.

Nilgiris is part of Future Consumer Limited, imbibing within itself the passion, imagination and entrepreneurial energy associated with Future Group. Over four hundred products are made and distributed under the Nilgiris brand, adheres to the highest levels of quality, sustainability and nutrition. With new Nilgiris stores coming up in neighbourhoods across every town and city in Southern India, we are geared to delight your association with our hundred year old brand.

  • Paneer

  • Cheese

  • Cheese

  • Cheese

  • Shrikhand

  • Milk


Nilgiris is home to many exotic things, like the wide expanse of the cloud forests. Our range of Choco Cream Spread, Cheddar Cheese, Frozen Yogurt, Flavored Milk and over a hundred other Dairy products make us one of the country’s most loved Dairy range.


There is so much to discover in the Nilgiris. With the range of over hundred different artisinal breads, bakery items, cakes and chocolate biscuits, we make sure you always have something new to discover.


We love to discover the foodie in you. Share your ideas for new products or help us surprise you with a new recipe. And if any product didn’t meet your expectations, please let us know at the earliest.

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